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This is Us

The Utopia Hall is all about community.

A place to feel welcome and comfortable. To enjoy great happenings as well as making great things possible.

Created and built by our community as a place to gather, the Utopia Hall is host to the hopes and happenings of folks, both near and far.

Whether as a gathering for friends and family, as a fundraiser for an important cause, for a dinner as well as concerts or for a meeting of folks who want to learn and work together, the Utopia Hall invites and encourages you to make great things happen.

If our walls could talk, they would tell you that this is a special place that has lived in our community for over 60 years, witness to and participant in extraordinary gatherings that have helped a small rural community live and grow together, discussing, creating and standing up for what folks believe to be right and needed. And all the while having fun.

Volunteer-run through the commitment of a determined band of modest community heroes, the Utopia Hall has been able to stay as a public and very meaningful community place.  The Hall is working hard to support the protection and conservation of the naturalized greenspace in our community – the Utopia Conservation Area; restore heritage buildings such as the Utopia Gristmill; as well as enable the Hall to continue to be.

You and yours are very welcome. We would love you to come over and spend time with us.


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