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Get up close & personal with absolutely wonderful musicians who come to perform from both near and far. You & your friends will enjoy a great evening, most often including a down-to-earth dinner buffet in advance of a terrific concert, held in acoustically-rich, intimate surroundings. 


In our early days, Gordon Lightfoot performed here. Sign up to be on our email list to find out who’s coming next.


Upcoming concerts include:


Light Dinner and a Concert with the Steel City Rovers

Saturday November 26, 2022
Utopia Hall
8396 6th Line,
Utopia ON

Advance Tickets $35
Tickets at-the-door $45

(if available)

Call 1-877-499-HALL(4255)
or visit

Limited tickets available. Order early if possible please.

In keeping with COVID-19 safety measures, we will be spacing the seating as well as requesting that masks be worn and physical distancing respected as appropriate.Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.