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Community’s Efforts!

Get up close & personal with absolutely wonderful musicians who come to perform from both near and far. You & your friends will enjoy a great evening, most often including a down-to-earth dinner buffet in advance of a terrific concert, held in acoustically-rich, intimate surroundings. 


In our early days, Gordon Lightfoot performed here. Sign up to be on our email list to find out who’s coming next.


Upcoming concerts include:


Bar-B-Q and Outdoor Concert with Nicole Christian & Alfie Smith

Bring your Lawn Chair(s)!

Saturday August 21, 2021
Bar-B-Q starts @ 7pm
Concert starts @ 7:30pm
Parking lot @ Utopia Hall
8396 6th Line, Utopia ON

Please don’t forget your Lawn Chair(s).


Tickets = $30 (includes burgers & corn plus concert)


COVID rules restrict event capacity.




We look forward to our evening together.

In keeping with COVID Safety Measures, we will be spacing the seating as well as requesting masks be worn and physical distancing to be acknowledged as appropriate.